Our Story

In its earliest days, Bloody Marys were a dose of local hospitality in the Springfield, Illinois home of advertising executive Art Squires. Friends and family knew that Art would welcome them at his door on a Sunday morning and ask, “How about I build you one?” Guests would come from out of town just to enjoy the spicy drink.

BloodShot Bloody Mary Mix

Art's recipe for the classic cocktail drew such rave reviews that the Squires family made a business out of it. For more than 20 years, the Squires have been perfecting the BloodShot Bloody Mary Mix. Today, BloodShot is made by Art's son Steve Squires and his wife Trish. It is now available throughout Illinois, at many of your favorite local retailers.

BloodShot is a spicy and savory drink that you can enjoy as a nonalcoholic beverage or add to vodka for the classic cocktail. But don't stop there! We recommend you also use it in soups and chili and as a marinade.

Buy a bottle today and taste for yourself the drink that Art Squires used to welcome so many families, friends and guests into his home with. Just shake well, add plenty of ice, pour an ounce of vodka and four ounces of BloodShot, stir and garnish with celery. Build yourself one today!